Gilder gun in 247 moves

This is believed to be a near optimal formation of an iLife glider-gun, starting from the EEN loaf, using the move sequences developed by Dr. William Paulsen, described on the optimal sequences page.

This sequence terminates at exactly 247 moves which is the point at which the blue-cell's work is complete and the glider-gun will naturally evolve. The LWSS can be seen moving east towards the bi-block. To complete the formation of the glider gun just move the blue-cell glider away (say to the north-east, starting U/SS/SS/SS/SS...) and retire it. Alternatively refresh the page, append the following string to the text box (must be at the far right end, so scroll right first). Then hit load and just keep clicking on the retired blue-cell to see the glider gun in action:

Again, because of the length of this sequence I recommend you avoid using the undo button which can be very slow. Instead use Undo All, and then Redo to explore the sequence forwards from the beginning.

Sorry, this is a Java applet.

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