Must visit sites...

Clickmazes is bought to you with special thanks to...

Bertie: Little bro' Brett - designer of clickmazes look'n'feel
Graham Rogers:
Author of several clickmazes applets.
Robert Abbott:
Ed Pegg Jr:
Adrian Fisher:
Jimmy Stephens:
Serhiy Grabarchuk:
Metanate: My friendly ISP.
Gatherings for Gardner:
G4G website.
Java from SUN: Download your JDK here.
Inkscape: Open-source vector graphics editor.

Sites mentioned elsewhere on clickmazes or otherwise worthy of a special mention...

Eric Solomon: UK inventor of Blackbox (amongst other things).
Erich Friedman: Erich's Puzzle Palace.
Joker-Games: Original java maze-puzzles.
Scott Kim: Inversions, magazine articles, on-line puzzles.
PeterPuzzle: The puzzling world of puzzle designer Peter Grabarchuk.
PerplexCity: Join the hunt for the Receda Cube.
PuzzleMuseum: A window into James Dalgety's world-famous puzzle collection.
PuzzlePalace: A window into George Miller's world of 3D puzzle printing.
PuzzleWorld: information on the world's finest mechanical puzzles (and puzzlers), including...
...... Nick Baxter's Sliding Block Puzzle page
...... Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition page
ThinkFun: (formerly Binary Arts)
Bob Hearn of MIT - author of The Complexity of Sliding Block Puzzles (and Plank Puzzles, too)
SuperMaze: Don O'Brien's 3D interactive mazes.
PuzzleMonster: Good puzzles and reviews of other puzzle sites.
Zillions-Of-Games: A universal gaming engine.
The Lighter Side of Dr. Paulsen: puzzle collection.

And a few more sites for good measure...

MegaMazes: High-quality mazes for view/download/print.
Morrison Maze™ prints: Solvable modern art.
aMAZEing ART: maze-art themed on wonders of the ancient world.
Maze Zing: Jeff Montanye's amazing mazes from photographs.
Toby Nelson: Minatour Mazes.
Walter Pullen: Think Labyrinth! Applets, maze galleries and more.
iMazes: Elegant pattern-based maze designs by Travis Storms
American Maze Company: Amazing Maize Mazes
Kadon Enterprises:
Ishihama Yoshiaki:
A huge and varied selection of applets.