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No left turn mazes

Your challenge is to manouvre the black dot to the red square without ever turning left, or making a U-turn. Harder than it looks. Maze No.2 is an 'open' maze based on the same rule. An illustration of a mechanical no-X-turn maze is also shown below.

No-X-turn mazes were first offered to the public in the late 1990s as full-size walk-round mazes to accompany maize-mazes in the USA and UK. They are most frequently built using bales of hay. You can read about all types of walk-through mazes and see some photos here at Robert Abbott's site.


Find a route to the red-dot making right-turns only.


Click on Restart (or press r) to refresh the maze


Use the cursor keys to move


If you get completely stuck then restart and try again.

Here is a photo showing a mechanical version of a No-X-turn maze (in this case a no-right-turn maze). It was made by Oskar van Deventer and based on Adrian Fisher's Jammed Tractor design. A special half-moon shape under the tractor prevents it from turning right or backing up.

Here is a full-size no-right-turn maze of my own design built using reconfigurable decking squares that simply click together and can then be boxed up again for easy storage. This one was built for a house-warming party in July 2005.

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No-X-turn mechanical puzzle - © Oskar van Deventer 2000
Jammed Tractor maze design - © Adrian Fisher 1998
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