Clickmazes - FAQ

The applet is dead - long live the applet!

Welcome to clickmazes FAQ. If you are experiencing run-time issues or just want to know more about the transpiled applets, hopefully this page will help.

Q01: Can I play the clickmazes web-apps on my tablet or smart-phone?

The short answer is no, not at the moment. Hopefully support will improve in the future. For now please use a PC/laptop with keyboard and mouse (or mouse-pad). If you are looking for browser-based puzzles that will work on your tablet or smart-phone, please see some suggestions further down.

Q02: Where is the old clickmazes maze-gallery and attic-gallery?

These didn't make the first cut of the clickmazes relaunch they will be updated and reinstated soon!

Q03: I thought browsers no longer supported applets - how does any of this work?

It's all thanks to the cheerpj transpiler from LeaningTechnologies. Which basically takes my old applet byte-code and converts it to javascript.

Q04: So why not rewrite the applets in JS yourself?

One, I prefer writing in java and two, I prefer to spend my time designing new puzzles than reimplementing old ones. At least, that's my plan.

Q05: All I can see is the cheerpj spinning logo - what is wrong?

Please wait at least 60 seconds to allow the initial download to complete. If patience alone doesn't suffice, please check you have enabled javascript and don't block cookies. Also please check your browser is up-to-date.

Q06: What browsers do you recommend?

Any mainstream browser should be fine. Windows, Linux or MAC. Please be sure it is fully up-to-date. The applets may look and behave a little different on each OS or browser. Chrome seems most consistent.

Q07: Why is there a delay loading the applet?

There's more to download than there used to be. The old java applet (JAR file) is downloaded first, then another file of javascript. Finally some supporting run-time libraries need to be downloaded from a different site. Once it has all been cached however, then reload should be quick.

Q08: I can see a button, but it doesn't respond to a click.

Are you using a tablet or smart-phone? If so - see Q01. Otherwise, try hitting the RTN key after the click. This behaviour does not affect all browsers and is likely due to my very old java bytecode. If you have Chrome installed, try using this instead.

Q09: Everything was working ok, but now the applet is not responding.

There has probably been a run-time exception in my old applet bytecode. Try reloading the page.

Q10: The puzzle displays OK, but I can't interact with it.

Are you using a tablet or smart-phone? If so - please see Q01. Otherwise check the instructions to confirm how to drive the puzzle. Some puzzles respond only to key-presses for instance. If you still have issues, please email me the details.

Q11: I also have an old applet that doesn't work anymore, can cheerpj help me?

Yes, probably. You can try cheerpj on an evaluation license to make sure it works for you. Read more on the getting started wiki page.

Q12: Can you recommend any other puzzle web-apps I can play direct in the browser?

Yes, here is a selection, all playable in your browser. These are all maze or route-finding puzzles in the same spirit as clickmazes:

Q13: Can I download an app to play these puzzles on my tablet or smart-phone?

There is no single app that contains all the clickmazes puzzles. If an app is available it will be be listed on the puzzle web-page. BoxUp and Tilt iOS apps have been developed by Bill. Check them out here.

Q14: Can you recommend some good downloadable puzzle-apps?

Some excellent recommendations can be found at Tom Cutrofello's GottaSolveIt blog

Q15: I think I've hit a new issue - not covered above.

Please email me the details and I will see if I can fix it.

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