TJ-wriggle puzzles

The TJ-wriggle puzzles have established themselves as the most popular variation on the standard wriggle-puzzle. They are named in honour of Tom Jolly ( who devised the original mechanics and who has helped co-develop many new challenges. The set featured below is based on the 6x6 grid, and up to four wrigglers. The goal is the same in all cases, to release the blue wriggler through the gap at the bottom of the grid. Note that in these puzzles the grey squares are blockers, so the wrigglers effectively reside in a mini-maze.

New September 2009: TJ-wriggle puzzles are available for iPhone & iPod touch as puzzle-app Wriggle developed by Conlan Rios. Wriggle features 80 brand new challenges suitable for all age-groups and skill-levels. Read more below and try the Big-Wriggle bonus puzzle.
New December 2010: Extreme TJ-wriggle puzzles now available on the 4x4 grid.
New December 2013: Wriggle-3D available in the MAC App Store.


Example puzzle
click below to start


Drag the wriggly worms around the maze until you can release the blue wriggler through the light-blue gateway. You can drag by head or tail and it does not matter which end exits first (the head is marked with eyes, but this is entirely cosmetic).

Use the puzzle drop-list to select a puzzle.
Use restart (action) or the space key to reset.

Use the mouse to drag the wrigglers by their head or tail.

Sept 2009
: Introducing Wriggle
TJ-wriggle puzzles for the iPhone!

  • 80 brand-new puzzles across 4 difficulty levels.
  • Eight bonus achievement badges to unlock and reveal.
  • Rich feature list including auto-save & record-keeper.
  • See iTunes store for full details.
  • Free version also available.

And finally ...
The Big-Wriggle celebration bonus puzzle!

An illustration of Tom's mechanical puzzle

concept & puzzle set – © Andrea Gilbert & Tom Jolly 2006-09
applet – © Andrea Gilbert 2006-09