Punt mazes

The punt mazes were introduced on the www.greylabyrinth.com discussion forum in March 2005. Conceived by greylabyrinth contributor (GLer) mathgrant, and subsequently implemented in java-script by co-GLer ralphmerridew, these little puzzles are best viewed as a particularly mean variation on sokoban. Like sokoban the target is to push objects (in this case punt-discs or 'pucks') around a maze to cover various targets. In a punt maze however the pusher slides forward tilt-style until it hits an obstacle, and a puck that gets struck will be punted forward a matching distance.

Use the grey walls to help position and manouvre the pusher (black cross) but beware, walls are no obstacle to a puck. You can punt a puck through a wall or over and past another puck provided it comes to rest in a clear space. Punting a puck out of play (including onto a wall) is not permitted.

Example punt mazes
(click to play)



Use the black cross as a pusher to 'punt' the yellow pucks onto the blue targets.

Click on a puzzle image (left or below) to launch a puzzle.
Hit browser refresh to restart a puzzle.

Use the arrow buttons provided to move the pusher (black cross). The pusher will run in a straight line until it hits a wall or a yellow puck. If it hits a puck the puck will be punted forward a matching distance.

The following puzzles are some of my favourites from the greylabyrinth site, with a few extras of my own thrown in for good measure. The differing styles add to the fun I feel. The puzzles are ordered in rough order of increasing difficulty (that is, they start tricky and then get worse).







mathgrant (tribute to a disk drive)



andrea / lostdummy

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