Oskar's jukebox puzzle

This JAVA applet is a software implementation of the Jukebox, a mechanical puzzle by Oskar van Deventer, see photo below. The object is to insert coloured coins in the correct order into the juke-box (at the top) such that they drop out into the right baskets at the bottom. All red coins should drop into the left red basket and all blue coins should drop into the right blue basket. The switches flip the coins left and right. Can you drop the coins into the correct coin baskets and keep the music playing?

Jukebox switch

click below to play

This program requires a Java-enabled browser.

(This java applet has sound,
so do not forget to turn on your speakers)

Drop the coins into the basket of matching colour. You have an unlimited supply of coins.

Use Start to start with the easiest challenge.
Use Previous to go to an easier challenge.
Use Next to go to a harder challenge.
Use Reset to restart the current challenge.
Use Drop-list to select a challenges.
Use Slider to adjust the animation speed.

Insert coins as follows:
Click on the coin that you want to insert, or
Key-press a number (1 for a red coin 2 for a blue coin), or
the left (red coin) and right (blue coin) arrow keys.

You get a point for every coin dropped correctly. You lose one point for a wrong coin. You win if you score 40 or more. You lose if you insert 40 or more wrong coins.

Photo: Mechanical prototype of the Jukebox puzzle
(Challenge no.10, "Mission Impossible")

applet & puzzle design – © Oskar van Deventer 2005
hosted with permission from Oskar van Deventer