Oskar's counter-step maze

This puzzle has a red piece of matter and a blue piece of anti-matter running in the same maze. Can you make them collide? This puzzle was designed and implemented by Oskar van Deventer of the Netherlands.

Sample puzzle

click below to play

This program requires a Java-enabled browser.

Unite the red and blue dots by moving just the red dot. The blue dot follows the red dot, but moves in exactly in the opposite direction. A move is only permitted if the path is clear for both dots.

Use select maze drop-list to select a puzzle.
Use reset to restart the puzzle.

Move the red dot by dragging it with the mouse
Or by using the button bars or cursor keys

If you enjoy counter-step, I can highly recommend Heaven and Earth, a PC/Mac game from the early 90s which includes an extensive range of puzzles entitled 'The Illusions'. In total 576 puzzles of 12 different sets, one set of which also explores the counter-step rule and rule variants. The Illusions puzzles were all devised by multi-talented puzzle-designer Scott Kim, author of the popular bogglers puzzle-column in US magazine Discover. All the Heaven and Earth puzzles play on the theme of changing your perceptions and many are mazes or route-finding problems. I am still exporing many of these puzzles, and would've been proud to invent any of them! Got a MAC? or old PC? (Win95 worked for me), then go try... Heaven and Earth.

applet & puzzle design – © Oskar van Deventer 2003
hosted with permission from Oskar van Deventer