Tilt puzzles (aka the synchronised tilt-mazes)

These tilt puzzles each consist of a tilt maze containing two large sliding blocks, one red and one blue. The challenge is to manouvre the sliding bocks so that they simultaneously come to rest on their target positions, which are marked as smaller squares. An illustration of a mechanical tilt-puzzle is also shown below.

August 2009: Big News! The tilt-puzzles (aka the synchronised tilt-mazes) are now available for iPhone & iPod touch as part of puzzle-app iTilt. iTilt includes 99 puzzles in four different puzzle packs, suitable for all age-groups and skill-levels. Read more.

Sorry - The Tilt Puzzles are JAVA Applets

The red block must reach the red target and the blue block the blue target. Beware! The two blocks are made of highly reactive material and, if they collide, will instantly evaporate. At this point you must start all over again.

There are several puzzles to try; select one to start. There may be a delay initially as all the puzzles load. Please be patient.

Click the named buttons to choose a puzzle.
Click Restart to initialize or reload current puzzle.
Click Menu to return the main menu.

Click the tilt bars (N, E, S and W) to tilt, or use the cursor keys.

r – restart current maze

The photo on the right shows a mechanical version of a Tilt Puzzle. It was made by M. Oskar van Deventer from the Netherlands, based on the Side Step (5x5) design. The collision feature is missing in this version, as Oskar could not obtain sufficient amounts of anti-matter.

concept, applet & puzzle designs – © Andrea Gilbert 1998
Mechanical tilt-puzzle design – © M. Oskar van Deventer 1999